Gran Via

Faster and more comfortable transports.

Mascarello Gran Via is the ideal solution to urban transport, private transport and charter.

Their versions were thought to provide comfort, agility and safety to passengers, with details that make the difference. The Street version (ST) the body truck is coupled over the front engine chassi, with external width of 2500 mm. The City version (CT) assembly work can be done in front engine chassi or rear engine, in the models high and low floor with external width of 2600 mm.

One of the highlights in Gran Via is its low maintenance cost which guarantees extended working life, making it the best option for big urban centres.

To go further or closer, the practicality and convenience that every trip needs.

9600mm a 15000mm
2560 mm
Discover the details of Gran Via


Mais segurança no transporte urbano

O Gran via é preparado para receber câmeras de monitoramento de segurança, acessórios que trazem mais segurança a todos no veículo.


Transporte para todos

A linha de urbanos da Mascarello é projetada para fornecer mais acessibilidade aos passageiros através de dispositivos DPM, favorecendo mobilidade para todos no dia a dia das cidades.


Mais conforto no dia a dia

Acabamentos internos e poltronas injetadas com estofamento ergonômico, amplo corredor interno que facilita a circulação no salão de passageiros.

Internal Coating

Fresh environment.

Air-conditioning and ventilation system that guarantees perfect air distribution throughout the entire vehicle.


Great lighting in and out.

The Gran Via has high internal and external luminosity with LED lamps.

Chassis' options

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