Gran Midi

Robust and versatile for urban, road ou rural transportation.

Gran Mini was projected to deliver low operational cost. Its front, aside from harmonic and pleasant view, offers great access to maintenance components in the engine region and cleaning ease.

To reduce the need for parts in stock. The optical set has interchangeable parts among the right and left sides. The driver’s station has well-distributed, ergonomic commands and it has a great view of the front region and rear mirrors guaranteeing good maneuverability.

Economic and appropriate for every environment.

De 9.600mm a 12.400mm
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Internal Coating

Easy access.

To facilitate low mobility people access, the Gran Midi has two options of devices which may be used. For the road segment, this model has a moving seat device (DPM) and for urban and rural operation, lifting platforms for accessibility (PEV-A).


Comfort and convenience.

In the Gran Mini, the driver’s station was well-distributed, favoring the ergonomics for who’s driving. In addition, the Mascarello Gran Midi has a great view of the front region and rear mirrors guaranteeing good maneuverability and driving safety.


Reduction of stock parts.

To reduce the need for stock parts, the Gran Midi was developed with interchangeable right and left optical set parts. Another highlight point is the maintenance easiness in the engines region.

Chassis' options

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